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Geneva Rock Gives Back

Geneva Rock Products, Inc. plays an active role in the community. We are proud to give back through construction products and equipment usage donations, as well as the volunteered time of our employees. The company owes much of its heritage to the communities of Utah, and takes the  opportunities to return the favor to residents throughout the State each year. Below are just a few examples of community service projects Geneva Rock has participated in.

Geneva Rock Proudly Supports the Maliheh Free Clinic

Geneva Rock is a proud supporter of the Maliheh Free Clinic for the valuable service they provide to the community. Quality health care is a vital necessity for everyone, but because medical insurance and medical care is very expensive, many Utahns lack coverage and do not receive the medical care they need. The Maliheh Free

Deseret News Reader Comments

“WW Clyde and Geneva Rock have set the standard! Outstanding Job!” “This is a great story about how companies can do the right thing, both by their business and by the communities they’re in. It’s wonderful to see people who can take a problem and find this kind of solution!” “To see big corporations with

W.W. Clyde & Geneva Rock Build a Better Community for the Kids of Eureka

Employees of the Clyde Companies work hard every day to perform their jobs in accordance with our company’s core values. These values are deeply ingrained in our culture, which is why it is no surprise to us that two of our companies donated time, labor, equipment and cost to the town of Eureka in order

Geneva Rock—Reaching Out to Build a Better Community

In an effort to help build better communities, Geneva Rock has been helping local law and fire departments train their staffs. SWAT, detectives, canine units, and fire teams have used several of the homes along 104th  South in South Jordan before they are demolished. Joe Serre, of Geneva Rock has worked closely with each governmental

Clyde-Geneva Constructors Donate Incubator to Ogden Nature Center

Each spring approximately 5 million breeding and migrating birds take up residence along the shores of the Great Salt Lake. With Legacy Parkway’s close proximity to this ecosystem, last year 119 eggs and 3 hatchlings were found in the project right-of-way and taken to the Ogden Nature Center. This year, as part of their commitment

Three Clyde Companies Honored by Syracuse City

The Syracuse City Council recognized Geneva Rock Products, Sunroc and W.W. Clyde & Co. at its November meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 24, for the companies’ work on the city’s new soccer complex. Earlier in the month, the companies came together and donated time, labor and equipment to grade a 35-acre dirt field just off of

Volunteer Project at Mehraban Wetlands

Waylund Ludlow from Geneva Rock contacted Draper City and wanted to work on a project to show their support for the city and give back to the community. They didn’t just want to give materials, they wanted to help. They met with David Decker, Draper Public Works Director, and decided to work on clearing trees

Geneva Rock & W.W. Clyde Lend a Hand and Help Community Build New Soccer Fields

At the end of April, a crew of Geneva Rock and W.W. Clyde employees came together in Perry, Utah, to prepare a large dirt field to become soccer fields for the city’s soccer league. Perry City received a grant from the state of Utah, which would match any funds or in-kind donations with a dollar-for-dollar

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