Geneva Rock Projects

City Creek Construction, Utah Construction Company, Utah Construction Projects, Geneva Rock ProjectsSince its establishment in 1954, Geneva Rock Products has become one of the most respected and experienced construction contractors in the state of Utah. We are also known across the Intermountain region as a top pick for asphalt paving projects. We offer a variety of construction project experience, including grading and asphalt pavement, pipeline and utility construction, excavation and site work, as well as design-build and CMGC services for specialty contractors and organizations.

As the largest supplier of ready-mix concrete in the state, Geneva Rock strives to offer customers a wide range of construction services and products, using the finest building materials on earth. From aggregate to asphalt paving, Geneva Rock is dedicated to successfully finding the right solution for every job.

To see what we can offer your project, contact us today at (801) 281-7900.

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