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Geneva Rock Launches New Website

OREM, UT, 21 FEBRUARY 2013 – Geneva Rock Products is proud to announce the release of its new website. Information about the company and its products and services are now more easily accessible through an updated and more modern appearance. Moving forward, the company anticipates many new features to increase the value and usefulness of the website to visitors.

The new website replaces the old design created in 2007, and now offers many updated features such as social media integration, one-click navigation and multimedia galleries. The website is designed on a content management system, which allows for easier maintenance as well as the availability of a company blog.

Geneva Rock’s website will be an important resource for employees, customers and prospective visitors. Said David G. Przybyla, Marketing Manager, “We feel this really helps us create a more modern presence online and also paves the way to future value-building elements, which we can share through the website.”

Geneva Rock’s updated web presence boasts a modern, clean design with intuitive navigation and a basic page layout. The design allows for a more efficient presentation of products and multimedia through gallery features as well as a company blog. “We’re especially excited about the blog,” continues Przybyla. “This will allow us to connect with our clients and other industry experts through a level of two-way discussion our old website was not able to achieve.”

The added functionality of a blog allows the company to provide weekly content on a variety of topics relating to Geneva Rock’s industry and work. The blog, like many other elements of the website, were designed to help encourage more communication opportunities with Geneva Rock Products.

“By launching our new website, Geneva Rock Products is better positioned to communicate the full array of services and products we offer,” said Jim Golding, President. “As we continue to improve our web presence, I know the website will allow us to embrace more of the technology trends and communication methods our clients use and look to each day.”

Visit Geneva Rock’s new website and give the company some feedback about it by posting a comment on their Facebook page.

About Geneva Rock Products

Since 1954 Geneva Rock has been a top supplier of ready-mixed concrete, sand and gravel, asphalt, and construction services along the Wasatch front. Geneva Rock has a history of providing quality products, friendly service that is on-time, and a level of professionalism that still exists today. Geneva Rock is the largest supplier of ready-mix concrete in the State of Utah due largely to the quality of its materials and its dedication to quality materials.

For more information, visit Geneva Rock Products at https://genevarock.com or email us at ma@clydeinc.com.


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