Emery Avenue Waterline

Orem City, UT


Emery Avenue, Orem UT

Project Manager

Bill Gammell

Core Competencies

Earthwork, Pipelines & Drainage, Asphalt Paving, Utilities

Date Completed

July 2017

Orem city The Emery Avenue Waterline Project consisted of replacing old 8″ ductile iron pipe with modern water line. This project was started on May 1, 2017 and was completed on July 31, 2017.
  • I-80; 1300 E to I-215 Interchange

    The project runs 7 days per week night and day with multiple lane restrictions during both day and night. This is a maintenance project as UDOT will put out to bid in 10 years to re-build the whole project.

  • I-15; Farr West to Brigham City

    The I-15 North of Brigham City consisted of widening 26 lane miles if interstate roadway from Farr West to Brigham City, Utah. Project included widening 8 bridges with new drainage, pipe lining and a new retaining barrier wall. The project also included reconstruction of the entire 13 mile corridor including the Port of Entry in

  • Academy Avenue in Herriman UT

    The Academy Parkway at Mountain View Corridor in Herriman City hired Geneva Rock to develop and install  the new Academy Parkway that will link up Mountain View Corridor to the new Real Salt Lake Soccer Practice Complex. This project requires positive connection MSE wall with geo-grid 17 feet tall. 65,000 cubic yards of cut and

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