I-84 Morgan County

Project Manager

Phil Nordquist


Geneva Rock

Core Competencies

Earthwork, Pipelines & Drainage, Asphalt Paving, Utilities

Date Completed

October 2012

The project consisted of reconstructing a 10-mile stretch of I-84 (both east- and west-bound lanes) between the Morgan County communities of Morgan and Mountain Green. The scope of this project included placement of new Portland Cement Concrete Paving along with resurfacing of 12 bridges and construction of new approach slabs.
Safety improvements were made to the roadway, including a cable barrier in the median, crash cushions, impact attenuators, guard rails, concrete barriers and new signage. Already, these features have done their job in mitigating several traffic accidents. In one such reported incident, a semi-truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and overcorrected into the cable barrier. If not for the barrier, the truck would have driven into oncoming traffic.
The east- and west-bound lanes along I-84 contain 10 inches of concrete, three (3) inches of asphalt and a stronger cement-treated subbase that will help ensure the 40-year design life of this roadway. According to tests performed on the material and work product, Geneva Rock Products, Inc. has averaged a 25 percent higher break strength than required for the project on concrete.
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