Silver Creek to Wanship



I-80 Silver Creek to Wanship


Geneva Rock

Core Competencies

Earthwork, Pipelines & Drainage, Demolition, Asphalt Paving, Ready-Mix Concrete, Utilities

Date Completed

March 2017

Innovation, technology and environmental consciousness are of the highest importance at Geneva Rock. These were vital standards during the I-80 Silver Creek to Wanship project that was recently completed.
UDOT teamed up with Geneva Rock to replace this 7 1/2 mile stretch of I-80 that had corroded due to the high altitude and harsh environment.
The project was a massive undertaking. The 7 1/2 mile stretch of highway required almost 400,000 square yards of concrete, and included replacing a 328-foot bridge.
As a result of the quality of finished product and efficiency of the partnership, Geneva Rock was awarded by UDOT the Best Partnering Award. Geneva Rock also received for this project the John L. Martin Partnered Project of the Year Award, the Highway/Municipal Utilities Division Project of the Year award, the Sustainable Practices Recognition Award, and National Triad Recognition Award.
  • Emery Avenue Waterline

    Project consisted of replacing old 8″ ductile iron pipe with modern water line

  • Lehi City Waste Ditch

    The city of Lehi, Utah sought to increase the allowable amount of water their municipal drainage ditch could handle. The Lehi City Wast Ditch Improvements project includes removal of  four existing pipe culverts, replacing them with pour-in-place box culverts.  Utilities and asphalt paving work was also completed at the end of the project to improve the surrounding areas. Geneva

  • I-15; Davis County

    UDOT commissioned Geneva Rock to rotomill out 1-1/2″ of existing asphalt on I-15 and replace with 1″ of Bonded Wearing Course (BWC) sprayed onto the pavement. Geneva Rock is the first company to use the Roadtec Spray Paver in Utah. BWC is an industry-leading technology that delivers a durable, open-graded, drainable surface with a lifespan of


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