Salt Lake City Department of Airports


Salt Lake City International Airport

Project Manager

Joseph Serre


Geneva Rock

Core Competencies

Earthwork, Pipelines & Drainage, Demolition, Ready-Mix Concrete, Utilities

Date Completed

November 2012

Geneva Rock Products, Inc. removed the existing Taxiways A and B and replaced them with a new 140,000 square yard de-icing pad with a pipe system for water drainage.
This project required the removal of nearly 70,000 square yards of 16-inch pavement in addition to the earthwork required to remove old materials and create trench drains. Throughout the duration of this project, more than 20,000 feet of 60” pipe was placed for water drainage.
The old materials from Taxiway A and B were recycled and mixed into a subbase course called P-154, which was required for airport projects. The specifications for this subbase proved to be quite difficult due to the required 100 percent compaction, yet Geneva Rock Products, Inc. was able to work through this issue due to its access to experienced in-house professionals with countless years of experience in the field.
The de-icing pad is rated for handling large aircraft due to the more than four feet of material laid by Geneva Rock Products, Inc. This includes 140,000 square yards of 16-inch pavement, six-inch econo-crete and nearly three feet of concrete-treated P-154 subbase course compacted at 100 percent.
  • Emery Avenue Waterline

    Project consisted of replacing old 8″ ductile iron pipe with modern water line

  • Lehi City Waste Ditch

    The city of Lehi, Utah sought to increase the allowable amount of water their municipal drainage ditch could handle. The Lehi City Wast Ditch Improvements project includes removal of  four existing pipe culverts, replacing them with pour-in-place box culverts.  Utilities and asphalt paving work was also completed at the end of the project to improve the surrounding areas. Geneva

  • I-15; Davis County

    UDOT commissioned Geneva Rock to rotomill out 1-1/2″ of existing asphalt on I-15 and replace with 1″ of Bonded Wearing Course (BWC) sprayed onto the pavement. Geneva Rock is the first company to use the Roadtec Spray Paver in Utah. BWC is an industry-leading technology that delivers a durable, open-graded, drainable surface with a lifespan of

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