GRP 2300 East Improvement Project

The majority of the work on 2300 E. proper is the reconstruction of 2300 E. with widenings on both sides of the road. Geneva Rock also improved the irrigation system through the winter and the design calls for updating the storm drain system as well. Both sides of the road will have new curb and gutter and sidewalk installed along with a small area at 33rd S. considered the “updated area” with colored concrete sidewalk, driveways, and park strip. We will also roto-mill and overlay the whole road once we have all the widenings built and curb and gutter installed.


This is the main area where the I-80 on and off ramps are located. The activities of this work area includes excavation and embankment of three round-a-bouts as well as the corresponding drainage work and the grading and paving. The main round-a-bout manages all the I-80 traffic and the other two small round-a-bouts service two small side streets that connect into the existing neighborhoods.