Excavation work for road realignment on Cascade Springs road

This project consisted of 11.67 miles of roadway through the Uintah National Forest, in Wasatch County. This is a very popular recreation area and is especially popular during the fall when thousands of drivers come to experience the mountain scenery of the leaves changing colors. One segment included pulverizing and re-paving the existing roadway from SR-92 into Cascade Springs Visitor Area. The second segment transformed a steep, windy, dirt road into a new 2-lane paved highway with guardrail and curb, and drainage features.

The Cascade Springs Road project was built in partnership with DSB. The project owner was the Federal Highway Administration, and the Geneva Rock management team developed a great relationship with the federal highway by working through the submittal process early on with considerable patience and diligence to ensure a collaborative working relationship.

This project went above and beyond by implementing innovative construction techniques and technology. The initial bid was simply to pulverize and regrade the road, but we had our in-house surveying team take this project on and 3D model it so we could use machine guidance technology and equipment. By building a model for the pulverizing, we were able to fix issues, correct bumps and rough areas, and smooth out the ups and downs that you wouldn’t get any other way. As a result, this road is incredibly smooth and it drives extremely well through one of the most scenic and breathtaking alpine vistas in the state. The end-product is one of the highest quality projects that Geneva Rock has completed, and we are proud that we went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure an amazing product for thousands of people to enjoy Utah’s mountain scenery.

Major work items included:

  • 132,000 CY Excavation Blasting
  • 30,000 TONS Aggregate Base
  • 30,000 TONS HMA
  • Culvert Crossings
  • Anchored wire mesh system


PHASE 1 The first phase of the project included the improvement and paving of 6.8 miles of Cascade Scenic Drive. This road starts at Cascade Springs and moves east toward the entrance of Wasatch Mountain State Park, approximately 4 miles outside of Heber City, Utah. The previous road was an unpaved, dirt gravel road, with windy curves creating blind corners and traffic hazards. The new road will be paved, widened with 2 lanes, and straightened out to create a safer road with increased visibility and accessibility from Heber City into Cascade Springs.

PHASE 2 The second phase of the project consisted of rehabilitation and paving of 5.3 miles of Cascade Springs Road. Beginning at SR-92, also known as the Alpine Scenic Loop Road, the road moves in an east direction, connecting into Cascade Springs. The previous road was a dilapidated paved 1-lane road that will be newly paved and safer with 2 lanes. This new road provides increased accessibility to the beautiful Cascade Springs area from the Alpine Loop.