Powder Mountain Road with new Pavement

This project included the roadway excavation and shoulder widening of SR-158 starting at the Pineview Reservoir Dam for several miles for improved traffic and safety. The project also called for an intermittent leveling course and overlay from just north of the town of Eden to the top of Powder Mountain ski resort. Upgraded signage, barrier replacement and a chip seal for the entire 11.69-mile length of the project are scheduled for early summer of this year.

This project is uniquely located near Pineview Reservoir and saw huge traffic volumes this past summer. Safety was a huge concern with access to the reservoir going exclusively through the project. Our main challenges were a steep grade, one way flagging in dangerous locations, and high traffic volumes. The steep grade going up the canyon to Powder Mountain resort made for challenging paving both in terms of smoothness and compaction, but after one shift the crew was able to dial in the correct equipment needs, rolling patterns and other aspects of quality control to facilitate high quality paving. The result was superb pavement smoothness, AC gradation and compaction. The paving on SR-158 showcases leveling courses and overlays as viable preservation methods even in challenging locations.

Major Work Included

  • 2,500 tons of 1/2 inch Hot Mix Asphalt leveling course
  • 17,000 tons of 1/2 inch Hot Mix Asphalt overlay and widening
  • 220,000 square yards of Type 1 Chip Seal