The Traverse Ridge Road Project is an improvement project for Draper City that runs from Draper Heights Way to Suncrest Drive on Traverse Ridge Road. Draper City wanted to improve the storm drain system along this stretch of road so Geneva Rock crews have installed 10,000 LF of 24″ storm drain as well as 1,500 LF of 30″ storm drain, which includes approximately 60 ea. storm drain boxes as well. Draper City also wanted to improve the roadway surface so GRP had our subcontractor roto-mill 1,000,000 SF of asphalt and GRP crews added approximately 7,000 tons of road base and then paved roughly 30,000 tons of HMA. Along with that Draper City wanted to update the safety features of the project with the installation of 4,000 LF of new guardrail and approximately 3,300 LF of 42″ constant slope barrier.