Dredging Provo Marina Utah Lake

Utah lake is saw some major improvements to help with lower water levels and years of build up of silt, making it difficult to launch boats in the shallow harbor. The Utah Lake State Park Marina Dredging Project included:

    • A cofferdam was installed in between dikes using both a bladder dam and an earthen dam.
    • 50 million gallons of water were pumped out of the marina in six days. The fish were removed, taking extra precaution to rescue the endangered June Sucker fish, as they are listed as endangered with a critical habitat.
    • Excavating 4 feet of material from the approach channel and inner harbor areas that totaled around 60,000 cubic yards of material.
    • Transporting the excavated material to an approved spoils site.
    • Removing and replacing the existing docks.
    • When replacing the docks, the project included installing a pole and sleeve anchoring system to replace the old deadman/cable anchoring system.
    • To accommodate the deeper depths of the marina, Geneva Rock will extend the existing boat ramps down several feet as well as extend existing sidewalks.
    • Water was pumped back into the marina and the dams were removed. The result was a 4′ deep waterway from the harbor to the lake.
    • Won the AGC Municipal/Government Water Project of Year Award