Pavement Preservation on Antelope Island Causeway

This project required a quality engineering proposal for different types of surface treatments by Davis County. Using our Type 3 Micro-surfacing, we were able to supply them with the best overall value and quality. In total, 168,500 square yards of micro-surfacing was laid across the island’s causeway. We were also able to perform asphalt repairs, grinding, and striping. These measures will increase safety and longevity to this road.

Aggregate was sourced from the Morgan Pit as a new source of micro-surfacing and had to blend to get it to pass the required gradations. To help with worker safety and to not interrupt the traveling public in one-way traffic configurations we were able to work at night. 

Production was completed ahead of schedule. The general traveling public was safely managed while lanes were merged to alternating one way. The final success was using the Morgan Pit as a new source of aggregate.