micro-surfacing on I-15 near Mills Utah

The job consisted of 533,102 square yards of micro-surfacing, 224,216 feet of micro-surfacing scratch course to fill existing rumble strips, Grooved-In pavement markings, grinding and overlay of 1,422 square yards of the existing roadway, new rumble strips, and various new signs. Geneva Rock supplied the aggregate for this project.

With the wet weather this year, many jobs across Utah we’re delayed. The Geneva Rock crew was able to adapt to a pressured schedule and complete a clean job, fulfilling all requirements. At the end of the job, all specifications were kept and all project deadlines were met on time.

The newly paved section of Interstate-15 and freshly painted lines provide a refurbished smooth section on I-15 and show the pride UDOT and Geneva Rock take in its work.