I-70; Emery County Microsurfacing

This project included the microsurfacing of 570,225 square yards of I-70, south of Emery Utah. This project also included filling and re-cutting 45 miles of rumble strips, construction of a new check dam, and the cleanout of a 30-inch culvert that had become impacted with sediment and debris, as well as typical incidentals such as new pavement markings and traffic control. 

The lack of a decent and affordable aggregate source throughout the central part of the state required us to haul the aggregate from our pelican point pit 175 miles to our stockpile site. There is also a lack of water sources through that stretch of I-70. Water jetting through the debris in the culvert took longer than expected, as we were required to haul water from 30 miles away. 

Providing a clean, black freshly surfaced road to drivers offers a notable aesthetic change as you continue across the long road through Central Utah. The newly paved road and freshly painted lines really stand out and show the pride UDOT and Geneva Rock take in their work.