Combining Forces to Improve Nigeria’s Road Infrastructure

Geneva Rock Products welcomed the Ministry of Works Department of the Nigerian Government to its Point of the Mountain Quarry in Draper last week as part of a cross-country educational partnership. The 19 member delegation came to Utah for a week-long introduction to Superpave asphalt technology. Guests included John Azubuike Ibe, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Public Works and Musa Ibrahim, PhD, the Ministry’s Director of Finance and Accounts. After years of turmoil and political reconstruction, Nigeria is taking steps to improve state sponsored infrastructure country-wide. The Ministry of Works Department is currently transitioning from building traditional Nigerian roadways to using Superpave technology to improve longevity of their road systems. Geneva Rock was happy to be a resource for this education. “We consider this a fabulous opportunity to not only build our community, but to help build the world,” said Jim Golding, President of Geneva Rock Products. “Sharing information through progressive relationships is simply another way we can give back in a format that provides great value.” The delegation was particularly interested in advancements in asphalt maintenance. Discussions on slurry, fill, microsurfacing and other techniques currently being used on Utah roads were held to teach economical ways to maintain roadways for periods far longer than their typical lifetime. In addition to instruction on asphalt paving and discussions on improving transportation regulations, the Nigerian team received a tour of the Point of the Mountain asphalt plant and its rock quarry. The delegation was able to watch the complete process of mining, crushing, sorting and distribution of aggregate material.   Doug Watson, President of CMT Engineering Laboratories helped coordinate the visit and the instruction. His experience in aggregate binding, material testing and geotechnical analysis offered additional insight into what steps must be taken to move their road paving into current standards.   “This trip provided an unmatched opportunity for both organizations to learn more about our industry from those building on the other side of the world.” said Watson. “We are honored to have had the opportunity to provide this instruction for what will be a profound advancement in the infrastructure of their country.” Geneva Rock Products would like to thank the Nigerian Delegation for the opportunity to grow from such a partnership. Whether locally or abroad, we are always proud to be building better communities. [slider width=”0″ height=”295″ caption_opacity=”1″ effect=”fade” animspeed=”1000″ pausetime=”3956″ pauseonhover=”true” style=”showcase” annotation=”” highlight=”false” maintain_aspect_ratio=”false”] [slide image=””][/slide] [slide image=””][/slide] [slide image=””][/slide] [/slider]