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Over the past 20 plus years Geneva Rock has always been an excellent resource for our company, whether it is paving or aggregate supply, quotes or clarification on some material data, they are always there to support us and contribute to our success, which in turn makes them a success and the type of company you want to and should do business with.

Kendall Page / Chief Estimator - Hadco Construction

Geneva Rock has been great to work with.In my world, I need suppliers that are dependable and consistent.Geneva is exactly that for us and they are a valuable asset to our business.

Bart Hardle / Division Manager - Cell-Crete Corporation

GCI has benefited from Geneva Rock’s customer service and quality products on our construction sites for more than a decade. It’s refreshing to know that our overall business success is a top priority to them. Geneva Rock always steps up to the challenge and their dealings and communications have always been fair, respectful, and honest. They continue to exceed our expectations and adapt to our needs, and that is why we continue to use Geneva Rock.

Morgan Green / CEO Green Construction

For more than 40 years, Geneva Rock has been a key partner in our success as a concrete contractor. They provide quality concrete that we can rely on and service that is unmatched in the industry. Their commitment to the customer and providing a premium product and service is evident in everything they do. The concrete business is full of challenges, so having reliable supplier is crucial. We know we can depend on Geneva Rock to deliver an exceptional product.

Jon Overman / Owner Overman Concrete, Inc.

Geneva Rock has been a great partner with Siri Contracting, LLC.We can depend on their products for quality, quantity and meeting specs.Geneva Rock is a professional company that goes out of its way to take care of its customers.

Ted Siri / Owner - Siri Contracting, LLC
Nilson Homes Geneva Rock Customer

We have been doing business with Geneva for over 20 years. We appreciate how much they treat us. We love their performance, their customer service is spot on and they care about their product. With Geneva Rock, we have a partner that works with us and always stands behind their concrete.

Jed Nilson / President - Nilson Homes Building Division

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