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Utah’s #1 in Concrete Paving For Decades

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Since 1979, we have been installing top quality concrete paving for the public and private sectors. We are proud to say that as far as concrete goes, in Utah we are #1. You can look all across Utah and the Wasatch Front and see our concrete paving work – from independent projects to the interstate. Whatever the size or scope of work, we stand by our commitment to ensure your satisfaction from project start to finish.

It’s our experience, knowledge and expertise with that separate us from the competition. Geneva Rock paving professionals are trained in the art of concrete and understand the complexities involved in working with this material. Many companies can provide concrete, but it’s our expert attention to detail that generates the solutions to save time and money on your project.

Quality mixes and time-tested techniques make our concrete paving a lasting finish for your project. Everything from site preparation to determining appropriate concrete mixes for project demands ultimately ensures that our finished products withstand the test of time. The next time you need ready mix concrete supply, call Geneva Rock.

Just think what we can do for you.

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