Utah Landscape Rock

We offer an array of specialty products.

Landscape Rock & Specialty Products

Whether you are in the market for colorful cobble, split river rock, or even limestone boulders, Geneva Rock offers Utah a range of landscape rock products that can greatly enhance the character of any outdoor project.

Golf Course Sand

For use under tee boxes or greens, Geneva Rock golf course sand is manufactured with care to meet the tight specifications of well-respected public and private courses.


These attractive and durable boulders can be used as decorative rock or in retaining walls and water features.

Rock-Decorative, Bauer

Small ‘river rock’ with reddish and chocolate hues.

ROCK-Rip Rap

Pelican Point Rip Rap can be used for landscape rock or as building stone.

Ball Field Sand

Geneva Rock’s ball field sand is used by municipalities throughout Utah in the building and maintenance of public baseball diamonds.

Split Rock

Used on the exterior of custom homes or in small decorative walls and even water features, this rock provides a very unique look and color.
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