Our team at Geneva Rock is pleased to announce that we are set to open a new asphalt plant this year in Mona, Utah. In keeping with the Clyde Companies motto of, “Building a Better Community,” the Mona plant’s proximity to customers and projects will reduce the time and energy required to deliver materials and minimize the impact that delivery trucks have on congestion, roads and the environment.

In the 1990s, in anticipation of future growth in the area, the company acquired the Mona property. Significant growth in surrounding communities created demand for the high-quality asphalt and aggregate products for which Geneva Rock is known and allows the company to capitalize on the strategic purchase in Juab County. Construction continues to take place on the property with the plant set to begin asphalt operations in June.  

In recent years, the asphalt division completed several large projects in remote and rural locations such as Hiawatha, Delta, and Sheep Creek. The asphalt materials for these projects came from plants in Draper and Orem. As our management and operation teams worked together to identify locations for sustainable growth, it quickly became apparent that there were opportunities to make positive impacts.  

“We went out looking at numerous pits to find out which location had the best aggregates and market reach,” said Jacob Kerksiek, senior asphalt production manager. “We worked together with our accounting, construction management, and business development teams, in conjunction with our environmental compliance group, to find the best possible location to add an asphalt plant, which turns out to be Mona.”  

As a member of the Clyde Companies, Geneva Rock always strives to follow the “Building a Better Community” motto. Whether it’s commuting to work, riding our bikes around the neighborhood or exercising on the local jogging path, asphalt is at the heart of every community.  

The company is committed to using its resources wisely and making reasonable efforts to always impact communities in a positive way. For the asphalt division, this has meant investing in production facilities in growing communities. By adding a plant in Mona closer to customers and projects, Geneva Rock will reduce the time and energy required to deliver materials, reducing the impact delivery trucks have on congestion, roads, and the environment.  

Building communities requires commitment to three key strategies: (1) sustainable and responsible growth for the company, (2) establishing partnerships with the customers you serve, and (3) providing opportunities for success to the members of your team. The establishment of the Mona plant typifies all three of these objectives.  

Sustainable and responsible growth includes being an exemplary corporate citizen of the community. When it comes to value, there is no better surface than asphalt. And Geneva Rock has a long history of providing quality asphalt in Utah. In the beginning, Geneva Rock produced asphalt at a single location in Draper and delivered it throughout the Wasatch Front. Asphalt is a perishable product and must be placed within about two hours of being produced. As communities and populations have grown along the Wasatch Front, product deliveries times have increased and rising fuel prices have increased the costs of delivery, which has decreased the effective delivery range of an asphalt plant. Expanding operations to be closer to construction is key to Geneva Rock delivering on the sustainable and responsible growth objectives.  

Secondly, establishing partnerships with the customers we serve is critical to Geneva Rock’s strategic plan. The new plant in Mona will be the first permanent asphalt plant in Juab County. With the exponential growth seen along the Wasatch Front in recent years, the timing is perfect for the communities the plant will serve. The new plant is designed to lower costs and increase choices for customers, municipalities, and contractors.  

“In addition to producing hot asphalt mix, the Mona facility will also recycle old asphalt,” says Clint Wells, upcoming asphalt production manager of the Mona plant. “Which means that customers will now have a place that they can recycle asphalt, knowing that it will be reused as a measurable percentage in the new asphalt in their community and not end up in a landfill.”  

The Mona plant will mainly service Juab, Millard, Sanpete, and Utah counties, but it will also be able to provide asphalt mix for state and federal projects as far as Beaver in the south, the Great Basin region in the west, and the Uinta’s in the east. Bringing material closer to prospective clients will reduce transportation costs. Asphalt recycling ensures that Geneva Rock customers are receiving some of the best price points on the market. Each will help communities successfully address their growing infrastructure costs.  

The third key is providing opportunities for the members of our team. Geneva Rock is committed to creating opportunities for current team members — and future team members — by investing in new production facilities.  

Initially, three team members will run the Mona plant, but plans are underway to add ready-mix concrete and expand the aggregate production, further increasing the employee count. The plant, situated on 527 acres of land, is expected to be running on all cylinders within the next 12 months.  

Geneva Rock is working with the county to ensure the new plant won’t negatively affect surrounding areas. A new access road has been added across the west edge of the pit, and existing public roads are being actively improved to continue access to lands owned by the Bureau of Land Management.  

“We have customers that love our product,” Jacob said. “You hear it often from all divisions within Geneva Rock. They’re going to be thrilled to have a new plant in Mona.”