We are pleased to highlight the efforts of our employees and the fine work that they do. Their continued dedication helps us accomplish our goals and allows us to fulfill our vision of building a better community.

Steve Clayton, an employee of Geneva Rock Products for the last 27 years, was recently recognized by the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) for his record of safe driving. As a result, he was highlighted as a Driver of the Month.

Steve was previously employed by a leasing company that leased trucks to Geneva Rock’s construction division. He was later hired full-time as a driver. Since the start of his tenure at the company, he’s driven water trucks, truck and pups, and strong-arm dump trucks.

Over his 27 years of driving for Geneva Rock, Steve has never had an accident. He is proud of the fact he can say he’s driven more than two million miles’ with no reported incidents. This includes making deliveries in tight areas around parked cars and other obstacles. Steve exemplifies the safety culture that we strive to build each day at Geneva Rock.

While a quiet man, Steve demonstrates his respect for others through simple word and deed. He is not the sort to demand and always asks, which has helped him build good relationships with all of those he works with, both at Geneva Rock and with customers. In fact, Steve is often requested by name with repeat customers who are pleased with the level of service he offers.

It is because of his great efforts that Steve was nominated for and was recognized as Safe Driver of the Month.