Geneva Rock is a proud supporter of the Maliheh Free Clinic for the valuable service they provide to the community. Quality health care is a vital necessity for everyone, but because medical insurance and medical care is very expensive, many Utahns lack coverage and do not receive the medical care they need.

The Maliheh Free Clinic endeavors, within its capacity, to serve the medical care needs of low-income Utahns who have no other options.

The Maliheh Free Clinic was named in honor of Maliheh Abdollahi “Modar joon”, grandmother of Mr. Koshrow Semnani, the benefactor of the Maliheh Free Clinic. Maliheh was an individual who selflessly gave of herself to others so that their burdens might be lighter, their visions longer, and dreams could be fulfilled. The Maliheh Free Clinic stands as a tribute to her, and through its service to the community, the memory of her kind and charitable spirit lives on.

Because no charges are assessed for services provided by the Maliheh Clinic, they depend on donors like Geneva Rock in order to operate.

In 2005, Geneva Rock donated the Parking lot for the clinic which was a $25,000 dollar cost. Since then Geneva has donated $1000 each year towards their annual fund raising dinner, which has turned into a big event at the Grand America. This year Mitt Romney was the speaker and almost all the political leaders in our state were in attendance.