For years we at Geneva Rock had talked about creating a state association that would unite our industry in the common cause of promoting ready-mixed concrete and create a forum where we could work with our peers to elevate our industry to a new level. 

Two years ago, we started this journey with several other ready-mixed concrete and cement producers who shared this vision. The result is the Utah Ready-Mixed Concrete Association (URMCA), which officially formed in late 2016. 

The mission of the URMCA is to create opportunities tailored to the needs of the ready-mixed concrete industry in Utah. We promote ready-mixed concrete throughout the state by marketing the material’s applications to architects, engineers, contractors, UDOT, economic development partnerships, state legislators and private developers. We also provide technical resources such as training seminars, workshops, certifications and recognition ceremonies relating to all ready-mixed concrete applications. 

Our members seek to build coalitions with other material producers and aligned industry associations while striving to elevate and maximize the promotion of ready-mixed concrete

In the past few months the Utah Ready-Mixed Concrete Association has taken two major steps that have brought us closer to realizing our objectives: formally partnering with the National Ready-Mixed Concrete Association and hiring a full-time executive director. 

As a partner, the NRMCA brings numerous benefits. The national organization’s mission and values have immensely benefit- ed the entire ready-mixed concrete industry by creating visibility and advocating the ad- vantages of choosing ready-mixed concrete over other materials. They also have incredible, established resources including training programs ranging from plant operators to mixer driver certifications. Their well-established promotional campaigns and practices assist us in our mission to educate specifiers, architects, and builders. 

The NRMCA is also involved with government entities to help guide national policies. 

By bringing these programs to Utah, the URMCA will be able to make these resources more accessible to concrete professionals throughout the state, shaping the future of our businesses. 

Bringing on Brad Stevenson as the executive director is a huge leap forward, too. Brad has 35 years of industry experience and will be able to gain traction quickly, implementing our desired programs. 

His full-time efforts will be focused on promoting the use and benefits of ready- mixed concrete. In particular, he will educate the industry on ready-mixed concrete’s durability, sustainability and safety

Currently, Geneva Rock Products, Jack B. Parson Companies, Altaview Concrete, Ash Grove Cement, Holcim, and Mountain Cement make up the association’s membership, but we are just getting started. 

The URMCA will eventually expand its memberships to vendors and individual contractors as well. 

Through these coordinated efforts I am confident that we will see a greater push to seeing concrete specified and used more often. With the support of the URMCA, the future of ready-mixed concrete construction is looking bright.