Geneva Rock has long been known as a professional partner ready to meet any challenge. General contractors and concrete companies utilize the high-quality and precise concrete mix to make the most complicated pours go smoothly.  

However, community members are also the beneficiaries of Geneva Rock’s unparalleled partnerships. As part of the larger Clyde Companies, Geneva Rock is committed to the slogan, “Building a Better Community.” Two current projects illustrate the company’s desire to donate time and resources to benefit the larger community. 


On June 17, 2010, the University of Utah accepted an offer to join the prestigious PAC-10 Conference and begin rivalries with the likes of UCLA, University of Southern California, Stanford, Oregon and Washington.  

With this great opportunity came a recognition that many of Utah’s athletics facilities were suddenly subpar. While high-profile additions and improvements were made, including a student-athlete center and indoor practice facility, the school continues to work to complete facilities that will keep the school competitive against the toughest competition in the nation.  

When David Layton, president and CEO of Layton Construction in Sandy, Utah, met Garrett Clegg, the golf coach at Utah, the two discussed a vision of a training facility — or Academy, as it will be known — dedicated to improving the golf program, offering a practice option for Utah’s snowy winter months and giving the golfers a place to gather together and build camaraderie.  

“I learned that an on-campus indoor facility was planned, but the lead donor had not materialized,” David says. “That’s when I jumped in with others to make this dream a reality.”  

As part of that commitment, Layton Construction led out in building the Academy and the firm reached out to trusted partners, like Geneva Rock, to assist with the project.  

“With our involvement, I wanted others that I’ve worked with for decades to join in this worthy effort and contribute goods and services to make this more a community effort — and we’ve had great success,” David says.  

David reached out to Wilford Clyde and Jay Ritchie and asked if Geneva Rock would donate the ready mix for the project. Of course, Geneva Rock was excited to help.  

“We have a long relationship of success with Layton Construction and, when David Layton called and said he needed help on this project, we wanted to participate,” Jay says. “We believe that helping in a project like this golf facility for the University of Utah builds a better community.”  

Construction started this summer and is expected to be completed by year end, enabling the golf team to utilize the facility as weather forces them indoors. The Academy includes a top-quality synthetic putting surface and the best in golf simulator technology and swing evaluation. But the facility will be about more than improving the golf game of the team members. It will be a place for them to develop life skills that will benefit them on and off the fairway.  

“From the start of my involvement, we wanted this project to be a place of learning, not just an indoor practice facility,” David says. “We chose the name ‘Academy’ specifically to reinforce our desire that all users will come to learn not only golf skills, but life skills.”  

This includes learning how to be a team — how to support one another, learn from one another and improve the lives of one another.  

“We also plan to host events that get our donors together with the team with the vision that the team can help teach golf skills to the donors and the donors can share experiences that have helped them succeed in their careers and lives,” David says.  

The connection between Layton Construction and Geneva Rock is seen in this project and others where the companies work together because of shared values and expectations of quality.  

“We have mutual respect for each other and value the relationships we’ve developed over the years,” Jay says. “We have common values and enjoy helping each other be successful and complete successful projects.”  

Part of this continued success comes from the relationships of the individuals in the company and their ability to work through challenges together.  

“We know that things don’t always go right in construction,” David says. “In the few situations where Geneva has an issue, we have never had to twist their arm to do the right thing and take care of the problem. To the contrary, they jumped right in and made it right, whatever it took, which, I believe, is the measure of any quality company.” 


In the heart of West Valley City, a campus is forming that is dedicated to the improvement of the general contracting industry in Utah. Beside the existing headquarters for the Utah Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America, a new building is rising that will improve training and offer additional benefits to those building Utah — and beyond.  

A new 16,000-square-foot, $5 million training facility adjacent to the headquarters is being built and should be completed in Spring 2021. The facility is on land purchased from the Utah Transit Authority and will create a flexible space where professional builders can receive continuing education in all areas, including safety, latest techniques and new technologies.  

While the building is a joint effort utilizing a number of AGC Utah members, Hughes General Construction is leading the way. When Hughes needed ready-mix concrete, Geneva Rock answered the call.  

“For over 65 years, Geneva Rock Products has been committed to building the construction industry in Utah,” says Terrence Savage, Vice President of concrete for Geneva Rock. “The AGC training facility will help many people by giving them training and assistance that will aid in building and growing the Utah construction industry.”  

Donating ready-mix to this project is evidence of Geneva Rock’s commitment to giving back to the community.  

“Geneva is a supplier that doesn’t say ‘no’ to new challenges,” says Dan Pratt, senior vice president of Hughes General Construction. “They roll up their sleeves and help you tackle them, side by side. During this project, Geneva was busier than ever before and still coordinated carefully with us to make sure the pours could be accomplished on time with the overall project schedule.”  

And it isn’t just this project where Hughes and Geneva Rock have combined for something great. Hughes General Construction has worked with Geneva Rock on dozens of tilt-up concrete projects, including the W.W. Clyde corporate offices in Orem.  

“It was one of the most amazing projects we’ve teamed up on, largely because most people cannot tell that it was tilt-up concrete,” Dan says.