Recently, Geneva Rock team members working on the reconstruction of Ogden’s 20th Street noticed a young boy constantly watching their work. The team pooled their money together and bought 2-year-old Lucas Colledge a variety of construction toys — a tractor, a loader, blocks, hard hat, vest and more.

Casey Harris, Geneva Rock superintendent, said the construction crew quickly noticed how enamored Lucas was when working near his house.

“The crews noticed this little guy watching them day in and day out as they work,” Harris said. “He’s always pointing at the machines as they drive by or work in front of his house.”

Jaysen Jorgensen, project foreman, said it was impossible not to take notice of the young-ster.

“He was out there every day, watching,” Jorgensen said. “It didn’t take long to realize that he was really interested in what we were doing, so the guys thought they’d do something for him. It’s just refreshing to see that with everything going on right now.”

Lucas’ aunt, Tricia Englert, lives with the boy and said the gesture made a big impression on not only Lucas, but his whole family as well.

“He’s just obsessed with the construction stuff these guys do,” Englert said. “He always waves at them and when they were working up close by the house, he was just so excited. So when they brought the toys over, he was just totally amazed.”

Thanks to Geneva Rock crew members who are finding ways to do good near the projects they work at. We are proud of our Geneva Rock family and our commitment to Build a Better Community.