Our team members are our first priority.  

Because of that, we’ll do anything we can to help keep them safe on the job.  

A big step we’re taking to accomplish that safety goal is our addition of Samsara cameras on the front of every commercial Geneva Rock vehicle.  

We’ve been conservative in implementing dash cameras by spending a lot of time studying the data and analyzing several different options and possible solutions. We wanted to make sure we took the right approach, which would protect our team members and our company.  

Cameras will provide both external and internal views of the driving process. This will protect team members by bringing more attention to driving habits and exonerating them for not-at-fault accidents. Eventually, all drivers will be provided with an app where coaching can take place based on team members’ driving habits.  

Over time, sensitivity levels can be adjusted based on good driving habits. With this new system, we’ll get the whole picture — not just a small data point. As a bonus, seamless integration can take place across our enterprise technology systems, making them the perfect addition.  

We couldn’t be the company we are without each team member doing their part as safely as possible. I’m confident that as we utilize these new cameras, we’ll be safer overall as a company.  

It’s a great time to be in the construction industry, and we’re doing incredible things so far in 2022. We look forward to playing an integral role in your next project as we push through the rest of the year together.