All road construction is, is an investment in the future. Road reconstruction is often an inconvenient investment that requires patience for residents and local business. However, this patience is easier to find when the construction team communicates clearly, listens, and responds to concerns and adjusts to problems with a solutions-based approach. 

Such is the case with the road improvement project near 2300 East in Salt Lake City. Located in the heart of the Millcreek neighborhood, the road is a major thoroughfare and is a major access point to I-80. The project, a joint venture between Salt Lake County and the Utah Department of Transportation, includes three new roundabouts to ease traffic flow, improved roads, and new curbs and gutters along areas previously without any.  

My team at Geneva Rock, led by our superintendent, Jim Jones, and general foreman, Jeremy Bjarnson, have worked on these sorts of projects numerous times. That experience means we are a great partner with the owners.  


Because anyone can complain about plans or inform the owner of unexpected problems. At Geneva Rock, we focus on solutions. In fact, when we discover an issue, we circle the wagons, listen to everyone’s experiences, and find solutions. Then, we take all available information to the owners.  

For example, on the project, Salt Lake City public utilities wanted to do some upgrades while we were digging up the road. When we started digging, we discovered a previously unknown sewer line, which was obviously important to the area. We worked through solutions that made the most sense for all parties involved and limited any disruption to the overall timing of the project.  

With this project, the payoff will be when the project is completed, and what the traffic flow engineers envisioned years ago is happening daily. Locals that were once inconvenienced by orange barrels, lane restrictions, and traffic detours will benefit from ease of travel and a safer, more beautiful neighborhood in which to live and do business.  

We look forward to the estimated completion date at the end of December 2016. We can’t wait for the payoff and to have used our resources, professionalism and experience to deliver the job the way the owner wants it.  

That’s what we strive for every time.  

That is giving a full measure.