The Utah Department of Transportation — or UDOT, as it’s more commonly known — has the unique mission to Keep Utah Moving. And not just moving, but moving on cost-effective, well-built and maintained roadways.  

“UDOT’s role with regard to building and maintaining roadways throughout Utah includes zero fatalities, optimizing mobility, and preserving infrastructure,” says Kris Peterson, director of project development at UDOT. “UDOT is responsible to safeguard the spending of taxpayer dollars in an efficient and responsible manner while preserving the life and viability of the roadway and improving the quality of life of all who use it.”  

To accomplish this ambitious, multi-faceted purpose, UDOT relies on professional partnerships with contractors like Geneva Rock.  

“Geneva Rock is one of the major contractors that performs major roadway work for public and private entities throughout the Wasatch Front,” Kris says.  

Geneva Rock has, for decades, worked closely with UDOT on numerous projects including improvements to Interstate 15, Interstate 84 and Interstate 80. Geneva Rock has also completed work on urban thoroughfare improvements that keep the local traffic moving, too.  

“Due to our longstanding business relationship, Geneva Rock is a contractor who understands UDOT’s goals and objectives while delivering the quality projects UDOT demands,” Kris says. The longstanding partnership enables the two sides to work well together and finish complicated jobs with fewer delays and concerns. That is, in part, due to the numerous personal relationships that make working through inevitable issues and challenges easier.  

“Individual personal relationships within our business arrangements help each part better understand the other entity’s goals, objectives and needs,” Kris says. “These relationships help both parties work through challenging and often difficult situations in a professional and beneficial manner.”  

The two parties continue to find themselves working together — primarily on heavy civil construction, asphalt and concrete paving projects — because they are aligned in their desire to complete high-quality, cost-effective work that means safer roads for Utah travelers.  

Currently, there are three major road construction projects that pair the two entities. In part to better manage large, complicated projects, Geneva Rock integrated its software with the Survey123 system used by UDOT to enable for electronic communication that limits mistakes, streamlines information to the job site and uses less paper.