In line with Geneva Rock’s core value of “We Continuously Improve,” the company recently found a solution to prevent snow from clogging the downhill transfer belt at its Point of the Mountain pit. 

During the winter months, the steep 18% grade belt drops snow through two chutes that are approximately 20-25 feet tall and 4.5-5 feet wide. Accumulated snow on the belt causes significant downtime and safety concerns. Prior to this fix, workers had to manually remove the snow and ice, impacting production and safety

Geneva Rock’s team members recognized the issue and proposed a solution to management. They developed a V-plow wiper made from UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight) plastic that sits above the belt. When needed, the wiper can be pulled down into place and used automatically. Once the belt starts up, the wiper pushes the snow off the belt, preventing it from reaching the chutes and causing problems. 

By significantly reducing downtime and safety risks, the innovative solution eliminates the need for workers to climb to the top of the belt and remove the snow. 

Geneva Rock’s commitment to continuous improvement extends beyond this one innovation. The company is always looking for ways to enhance operations, increase efficiency, and create benefits for customers and team members. The introduction of the V-plow wiper is just one example of how the company is living up to its core value of continuous improvement.