I-15 2700 North to 1100 South, Brigham City, UT

November 10, 2016



I-15; 2700 N to 1100 S in Box Elder County is a $42 million dollar project consisting of 26 new lanes miles of concrete and asphalt paving adding new lanes north and south on the inside shoulder of I-15 from Farr West to Brigham City. The project also includes eight new bridge widenings in conjunction with the new lanes and eight existing bridge deck rehabilitations with the use of hydro demolition and polymer overlay. A new concrete median barrier the length of the project, new pavement marking tape and outside widenings at the port of entry and rest area are also included as part of this project’s scope. The new IRI pavement smoothness requirements are being incorporated into this project ensuring superior rideability of the new lanes. The project completion date is currently slated for early November.
  • Geneva Rock SR-73 & Sunset Drive, Eagle Mountain

    The 2016 Eagle Mountain Road Project consists of widening the North and South sides of the SR-73 roadway at Sunset Drive. This widening will accommodate daily school bus and pedestrian traffic to and from Black Ridge Elementary School. The project consists of removal and replacement of curb and gutter, widening the road for more lanes

  • I-80; Silver Creek to Wanship

    Innovation, technology and environmental consciousness are of the highest importance at Geneva Rock. These were vital standards during the I-80 Silver Creek to Wanship project that was recently completed. UDOT teamed up with Geneva Rock to replace this 7 1/2 mile stretch of I-80 that had corroded due to the high altitude and harsh environment.

  • 6200 South 6100 West to SR-111

    The 6200 South; 6100 West to SR-111 is a UDOT project consisting of 50,000 yards of excavation, 3,500 LF of new storm drain, retention ponds, 9″ thick PCCP roadway, curb & gutter, sidewalk, traffic signals, highway lighting system, and new landscaping. This project is located in West Valley City next to Geneva Rock’s concrete batch


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