Since opening its doors in 1954 when Utah was home to fewer than 700,000 people, Geneva Rock has been at the heartbeat of the state’s development, shaping the landscape and the lives of its residents.

“There’s something special about being part of Geneva Rock,” said Jay Ritchie, President of Geneva Rock. “We’ve completed so many memorable projects through the years, and through it all, the most important part of the job hasn’t changed. It’s about the community we build, the people we work with and our shared commitment to Building a Better Community. I’m excited about what lies ahead for us and for the state we’re so proud to help build.”

Creating a Successful Company

The company began when founder W.W. Clyde became dissatisfied with the delivery and level of service provided by the ready-mix concrete company he was contracted with. He quickly saw that by supplying his own concrete he could reduce expenses while providing better service and value to other contractors facing the same frustrations.

Seventy years later, Geneva Rock has extended its legacy as the center of development throughout Northern and Central Utah. Even many prominent projects not built by the company have often used aggregates, concrete or asphalt from Geneva Rock facilities.

Notable Projects Through the Years

Through the years, Geneva Rock has worked on several significant projects across the state of Utah. In the 1960’s, concrete was supplied for footings at the Church Office Building in Salt Lake City. Services were also expanded to include asphalt supply for road projects.

Then, in the 1970’s and beyond, more opportunities were presented with expansions at the University of Utah, Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University. With the arrival of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah, Geneva Rock worked on the Rice-Eccles Stadium expansion, the UTA Trax light rail lines and on the rebuild and expansion of I-15.

These projects, and many more, have been incredibly successful because of the caliber of people employed at Geneva Rock. The team members at Geneva Rock bring their passion and expertise to work every day, contributing to a shared vision of building a brighter future for Utah. It’s the employee culture and core values that matter the most. Here’s to another tremendous 70 years to come.