Geneva Rock is excited to celebrate Ivy Stout as the latest recipient of the Geneva Rock Scholarship for Spring 2024. Ivy is working towards a master’s degree in civil engineering at Brigham Young University and brings a refreshing perspective to the construction industry.

“Ever since I was a child, I could be found following the plumbers, electricians, roofers, and any other tradesmen around the house just so I could watch them do their job,” Ivy said. “In high school, a woodworking and construction class showed me what I could do and offer in the construction field.

“From my college courses and experiences, I have enjoyed learning about the ‘why’ behind a design and not just the ‘what.’ As I have learned more about different jobs in the industry, I have grown excited to discover more about how things work and find new ways to make construction more efficient, economical, and safe.”

Innovation is a key theme for Ivy, who loves thinking about the potential of new technologies to revolutionize construction.

“This past year I have had opportunities to see the industry through an internship, classes involving field work and site observation, research projects, and networking events,” Ivy said. “I joined a research team focused on concrete 3D printing and learning more about what it can be used for alongside its weaknesses and limitations.”

While the future of construction is exciting to her, Ivy’s ideal career path involves bridging the gap between clients and engineers.

“I enjoy having an understanding of why engineers designed something a specific way and being able to communicate that to the client or contractor,” Ivy said. “I want to be able to help answer questions for those who aren’t familiar with construction as well as work with those doing the work to create a high-quality product.”

Ivy recognizes the industry’s role in Building a Better Community, particularly in Utah’s rapidly expanding cities.

Construction builds community and gathering places, and I want to continue to design and build them,” Ivy said. “This industry can be the instrument in creating stronger communities. As I begin my career, there is much to learn about existing practices as well as new construction methods. I’m excited for what the future holds.”

Geneva Rock is committed to supporting the next generation of construction professionals. Ivy has demonstrated lifelong learning with construction and is determined to positively impact the industry once she graduates. Congratulations, Ivy, for this well-deserved scholarship!