For more than 100 years, ready-mixed concrete has been an important building material. Ready-mixed concrete is concrete that is prepared — specifically to the requirements of a given client — and hauled to the site ready to pour.

Ready-mixed concrete is ubiquitous in Utah and beyond. It provides customized, convenient concrete to job sites, meaning construction companies don’t need to create their own concrete on-site.

“We are an important supplier in the construction industry and make it convenient and cost-effective for contractors of all kinds and sizes to have a product that performs well and meets their specifications,” says Terrence Savage, vice president of concrete with Geneva Rock.


With the increasing complexity of construction and the regulations from lawmakers, it has become vital for industry professionals to join together to protect their livelihoods.

Enter the Utah Ready-Mixed Concrete Association.

“At Geneva Rock, we’d been involved with the national Ready-Mixed Association for a long time,” Terrence says. “We saw a hole here in Utah and saw the potential of having a united voice to speak up for the industry.”

So, professionals from Geneva Rock joined other local ready-mixed suppliers like Jack B. Parson and Altaview Concrete to form the Utah Ready-Mixed Concrete Association in 2016.

“While 99 out of 100 times, an issue can be resolved fairly easily, every once in a while there is a complicated, widesweeping issue that benefits from the united industry voice the URMCA offers,” says Brad Stevenson, executive director of the Utah Ready-Mixed Concrete Association.

For example, environmental regulations often change and are enforced differently by the vast array of government agencies in charge of making sure things are done the right way. This can be expensive and frustrating for industry professionals. A unified voice through the association means people can get around the same table and work things out through the strength of collaboration.


“Geneva Rock has been a leader in this organization from the beginning,” Brad says.

Geneva Rock president Jay Ritchie was the first chair of the organization. Currently, Terrence is the chairman of the board of directors.

“My role is to have a big picture view to know what’s happening in the industry and the market,” Terrence says. “Then, we work to create a united voice and have a say in the policies guiding our industry and the enforcement of those guidelines.”

For example, the organization works with state lawmakers to make sure laws — and enforcement — are clear, fair and consistent.


Meetings are strictly structured to meet legal and ethical standards where competing companies can move the needle for their industry in a collaborative and “competition neutral” environment.

“We always read a legal disclaimer — an anti-trust statement — that serves as a reminder that we never discuss projects, pricing or anything else regarding the competitive environment,” Terrence says. “It’s a great way to make sure the cooperation is robust and beneficial to all, without causing any legal or ethical concerns.”

The Utah Ready-Mixed Concrete Association is, at its heart, simply dedicated to the on going ability of its members to offer a high-quality product fairly and responsibly for years to come.

“We believe this is the best construction material that is out there,” Brad says. “It’s been used for thousands of years and we want to be able to deliver it for thousands more.”