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Curtis Center Project
Curtis Center Donation Helps Developmentally Challenged Adults

Geneva Rock recently made a $20,000 donation to the construction of the Curtis Center, a facility aimed to help developmentally challenged adults in Utah. The building is a culmination of 15 years of efforts from Michelle Holbrook. Michelle, who has a son with special needs, struggled to find [...]

Bridgesource Storage Domes
Concrete Cache

For the last five years, the Wasatch Front has seen record growth in construction. This includes industrial, commercial and residential, and has pressed the limits of supply chains reeling from the effects of a global pandemic. More recently, the demanding effects have been felt by customers in the [...]

Spring 2022 Rock Solid
Rock Solid Newsletter Spring 2022 | Extended Reach

In this Issue: President’s Message: Planning for a Safer Geneva Rock Feature: The new asphalt plant opening in Mona, UT increases capacity Partnering Project: Geneva Rock plays a major role as an industrial partner of Utah Diesel Tech Pathways program to fill the ever-growing need for [...]

Rock Solid Newsletter Fall 2021 | Heading North

In this Issue: President’s Message: Aiming For Excellence Feature: Expanding the Ogden yard increases Geneva Rock’s capabilities Partnering Project: Working with UDOT Giving Back: Reclaiming an old gravel pit in Lehi, UT for future development. [...]

Rock Solid Newsletter Fall 2020
Rock Solid Newsletter Fall 2020 | Ready For Takeoff

In this Issue: President’s Message: Staying Safe and Productive Feature: Colossal concrete paving job readies Salt Lake Airport for passengers Lending a Hand: Geneva Rock is a partner with heart for a pair of community building projects Giving Back:

Rock Solid Moving Mountains
Rock Solid Newsletter Spring 2020 | Moving Mountains

In this Issue: President’s Message: Celebrating Diversity, Promoting Inclusion Project Highlight: Cascade Springs Road in Midway, UT Partnering Project: The Hub Apartment Complex Future Vision: Point of the Mountain Master Plan [...]