In Utah, vehicle emissions are the primary contributor to poor air quality. These mobile emission sources emit nearly two-thirds of the state’s PM2.5 — a fine particulate matter that poses the greatest health risk to humans and animals. In 2015, Geneva Rock Products, Inc. is taking the state’s challenge to “travel wise,” by adding compressed natural gas (CNG) concrete mixer trucks to its fleet. The CNG mixer trucks emit approximately 50 percent less PM2.5, as well as offer a quieter and often less expensive drive when compared to traditional diesel-fueled engines.  

“We believe every individual and every company can take steps to eliminate unnecessary pollutants from our air supply,” said Ray Gammell, Vice Presi-dent of Equipment & Facilities for Clyde Companies, Inc. “CNG mixer trucks reduce our carbon footprint and allow us to provide a sustainable construction offering for our community.”  

Geneva Rock’s 400-horsepower CNG engines generate 20 to 30 percent less carbon dioxide, 90 percent less carbon monoxide, and 35 to 60 percent less nitro-gen oxides. The mixers also use 100 percent American-produced fuel. Some-thing their diesel counterparts cannot do. Gammell says the CNG mixer tanks have a 70-diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) and can typically make a full day’s route (roughly 125 to 150 miles) on a single fill-up.  

Customers and business partners have also noticed the new mixer trucks at their job sites. Contractors are impressed with the environmental benefits of the trucks, as well as the performance of their quiet engines. “Geneva Rock is the first and only Utah company to add CNG mixer trucks to its fleet,” said Jay Ritchie, Geneva Rock’s Vice Pres-ident of Concrete. “We are excited to see where this takes us in terms of providing more environmentally friendly solutions for our customers.”  

While the initial financial investment is greater than a diesel-powered mixer, the environmental payoff and lower cost of CNG make the mixers a win for the company and the community. The CNG mixer trucks are currently operating out of Geneva Rock’s Orem ready-mix facility.