Hard Working. Dedicated. Honest. Intelligent. Generous. These are just a few of the character traits that describe our Geneva Rock employees. Why does employing people with these characteristics matter? Well, it matters more than most things in business.  

The people behind the scene, those working behind the machines, in the labs, behind the paperwork, those giving their stamp of quality, and those working extra hours to ensure the integrity of our materials and services, are the critical element of delivering quality products and dependable service.  

At Geneva Rock, our people make the difference.  

It may sound cliché, but it’s true. It’s probably the most obvious element of business that I’ve seen come to fruition time and time again in my 34-year career with this company.  

Any business can enter the industry and provide similar products and services, but a constant necessity for success, longevity and quality, is the ability to hire and retain high-caliber employees who make the workforce something more than a workforce. At Geneva Rock, these people are a team.  

In particular, I’m impressed by three specific attributes of our team – skill, partnership, and a commitment to the community. 


Our people are exceptional at their work. The thank-you notes, emails and positive feedback we receive from customers and project partners is evidence of their high caliber. These messages typically praise our employees for their advanced level of skill, insight and prerogative to go above and beyond to lend their expertise to aid the success of our customers’ projects


The array of roles and responsibilities on our team is expansive and varied. There are hundreds of people all working together in their unique areas that make the totality of our business tick. While many of our outward facing employees, like salesmen, drivers, operators, and executives have the opportunity of being the touch point for our customers, I have always been impressed that company successes are celebrated as a team.  

Each member of our organization plays a vital and essentially equal role in the ultimate performance of our organization. I want to personally thank all those behind-the-scenes employees for their commitment and dedication to our organization. Their work does not go unappreciated. 


The heart of our team is truly one of the most impressive aspects of this organization. Time and time again I’m impressed with the giving nature and readiness to serve that is displayed by our employees.  

Be it community service projects, donating their own time and skills to help with a construction-related volunteer opportunity, or simply helping out their co-workers on their own home projects, our people are amazing. 


The 63-year legacy of Geneva Rock is built upon the combined years of service of thousands of retired employees and 1,200 current employees. In my time here, I’m proud to have worked alongside several of these exceptional men and women who’ve taught me to be a better team member and a better leader. Their examples make me work harder to continue Geneva Rock’s great legacy of success.