Geneva Rock was recently made aware of an opportunity to help promote the Juab High School female wrestling team, one of the first in the state of Utah. As a company who consistently plays an active role in the community, Geneva Rock was thrilled to donate $2,000 in support of female empowerment. 

One of Geneva Rock’s employees, Douglas Holdaway, has a daughter who competes for the team, and he made the company’s leadership aware of the opportunity. 

“As a company, we’ve thought a lot about how you get women in the construction workplace because we’re in a typically male-dominated industry,” Holdaway said. “When the wrestling team had a parents meeting, we discussed donations and sponsorships, and this struck me as an amazing opportunity in a traditionally male-dominated sport. These girls are leading the way in getting it all started here, and I’m so proud that Geneva Rock is getting behind them.” 

The Juab High School female wresting team is in just its second year as a program after the sport for women officially became sanctioned in the state of Utah in 2021. 

Many of the larger schools in the state were quickly able to get teams together, but Juab High School is one of the smallest schools in the state to compile a full team of 13 competitors.  

The sponsorship donation will go towards new gear, hotels, and other travel expenses as the team competes throughout the state. The season began in late November and will continue until the state championships in February 2023. 

Geneva Rock’s parent company, Clyde Companies, was recently named one of Utah’s 100 Companies Championing Women by the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity. Showcasing donations such as the one to the Juab High School female wrestling team is an important step to demonstrate that we value people, one of our core values. It’s another way we’re helping in Building a Better Community.