Identical twins Bryson and Tyson Ashworth have spent the majority of their lives side by side, including working in fulfilling careers as they’ve developed at Clyde Companies. Each is satisfied with the growth opportunities, culture, and team atmosphere they’ve found with the company—even though their direct paths diverged a few years ago. 

“We work well together,” Bryson said. “At the end of the day, we back each other because we usually think alike. It’s been so fun to be able to work with my brother.” 

After graduating from high school, the twins enrolled in college. However, after some time in school they were approached about an opportunity to take a break from the classroom setting and give the construction industry a shot. 

“A Geneva Rock superintendent from our hometown asked us what our career plans were,” Tyson said. “We originally decided to just take a year off from school, but we ended up staying because of our great experiences there.” 

As both Bryson and Tyson were promoted to different positions within Geneva Rock, they each began to have even higher aspirations. Bryson eventually stumbled upon an opportunity with sister company Sunroc. 

“When deciding to transfer over to Sunroc, I knew that I wanted to lead crews by being a part of management,” Bryson said. “There happened to be an opening at Sunroc but not at Geneva Rock at the time, so I jumped in.” 

“It was very difficult when Bryson left for Sunroc,” Tyson said. “Growing up, we were always together. We had had the same friends and the same job the entire time. I was kind of shocked when he left, but I understood that he had to look out for the best interests of himself and his family. It was initially quite an adjustment.” 

Even though they don’t get to work directly with each other anymore, they’re still able to see each other often and are satisfied with the work they do. 

“I enjoy the groundwork and seeing an entire job go up from start to finish,” Bryson said. “Seeing the end result of something you’re building is very satisfying. I really enjoy getting to see projects come together.”  

“I really enjoy being involved with multiple projects in my current role,” Tyson said. “As a superintendent, I get to work on several projects with our team members and customers. It’s fun to watch a project get built from the ground up to the finished product. There’s just a lot of satisfaction with what I do. At Geneva Rock, we ‘Build Better’ and I’m glad to be a part of it.” 

Working for Geneva Rock and Sunroc has helped Bryson and Tyson go farther than they thought possible as they’ve developed in their careers.  

“I’m really satisfied in my current position at Sunroc,” Bryson said. “I’m still learning a lot. I want to continue where I’m at for some time. I love the culture and the people that we have at Clyde Companies. There are so many growth opportunities at the company. This is where I’ve grown my career and found so much success.” 

“Geneva Rock is one of the best companies out there,” Tyson said. “There are a lot of different things that you can do in the construction industry. You can learn several different trades here. It’s just a great place to work with great people. You’ll gain friends around here that have your back. It’s a great team atmosphere.”