In an effort to help build better communities, Geneva Rock has been helping local law and fire departments train their staffs. SWAT, detectives, canine units, and fire teams have used several of the homes along 104th  South in South Jordan before they are demolished.

Joe Serre, of Geneva Rock has worked closely with each governmental unit to give them opportunities they would not ordinarily have if the homes were not made available.

“We really appreciate Geneva Rock partnering with us,” said Coy Acocks, trainer. “It helps our teams prepare for the real thing.” Mr. Acocks is part of the Internet Crimes against Children unit that includes people from local law enforcement and the FBI. This team practiced serving warrants, breaking down doors when necessary and using simunition, a 9mm paint ball to train.

“The use of the homes makes the training more realistic,” said Garth Toone, Safety Manager at Geneva Rock, “giving each student an opportunity to prepare for the real thing without the worry of damaging property.” For example, the fire department trained their teams how to escape smoke filled rooms, allowing them to punch holes through walls to escape. They were also taught how to escape from a burning house, using team techniques.

“This has been a great opportunity for Geneva Rock to give back to the community,” said Joe Serre, Geneva Rock, Project Manager on the 104th road project. “Working with these brave men and women has been an honor.”

Officer Pavochic of the South Jordan Canine unit said it is an incredible opportunity for them to train. He said the training makes them better. The canine teams had opportunities to practice house-to-house and in-house techniques. The dogs actually took down an individual (wearing protective clothing) to enhance the realism of the training.

Detectives were taught the correct diagramming procedures for crime scenes and how to collect samples as well as finger and footprints, helping them collect the evidence for use in trials.

Geneva Rock has participated in the growth of many areas within the State of Utah and likes to become part of the communities that it serves by acting responsibly in its operations and adding value back to the community.