Employees of the Clyde Companies work hard every day to perform their jobs in accordance with our company’s core values. These values are deeply ingrained in our culture, which is why it is no surprise to us that two of our companies donated time, labor, equipment and cost to the town of Eureka in order to Build a Better Community there.

It was a surprise, however, to the residents of Eureka who have been longing for a decent place to play baseball. For years the town and its little-leaguers have made due with grassless outfields and a steep grade in the terrain.  Players would have to run uphill to get the ball. The result has been a steady decline in participation from both Eureka little leaguers as well as opposing teams from neighboring towns.

Naturally, this was of concern for the parents of kids who don’t have much more to do in a small town than play little-league sports. Although citizens were able to raise money to make some renovations, there simply wasn’t enough to make one of the most important changes: leveling the playing field.

That’s where W.W. Clyde and Geneva Rock were able to step up to the plate and help out. Lance Greer, survey machine guidance manager for W.W. Clyde, supported the idea of using the ball field grading project as an opportunity to train employees on new GPS modeling systems, training that’s normally done at the Geneva Rock gravel pits at the Point of the Mountain. The result has been a win-win: our employees received training in a real world situation, and the residents of Eureka will have a beautiful field to play on when construction is complete by the end of the summer.

While many stories similar to this one happen in our organization, often they aren’t accompanied by the recognition they deserve. However, it was our privilege to have this story featured in the Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune, and The Daily Herald. Many positive reader comments from the Deseret News clearly illustrate the value our Clyde companies are to the community, as we live by our commitment to Build a Better Community.

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