When disaster strikes, it takes a community effort to mitigate the damage and restore normalcy. With a recent emergency project in Spanish Fork Canyon, Geneva Rock quickly stepped up to address the threat of flooding and prevent further destruction. The timely effort reinforced Geneva Rock’s reputation as a reliable partner in times of need. 

The emergency project focused on an area in the Spanish Fork River located approximately three-quarters of a mile east of Covered Bridge Canyon. Within this stretch, a significant section of the river, spanning hundreds of yards, faced imminent danger due to flooding caused by spring melt. 

The urgency of the situation became apparent on the evening of May 5. Geneva Rock was alerted to the looming threat, and without hesitation, team members sprang into action with plans to divert the water and protect the riverbank. 

With preparations underway, Geneva Rock commenced the project at 7 a.m. the following day. The team hauled over 1,500 tons of boulders sourced from the company’s Pelican Point pit to fortify the affected area. Additionally, approximately 925 tons of EFIL2 material, along with 100 tons of rip rap and inch and a half rock, were transported to the site. These crucial materials helped stabilize the riverbank, preventing further erosion and safeguarding vital infrastructure. 

One of the primary issues stemmed from a damaged 16-inch culinary water line. The broken line posed a threat to a significant portion of Spanish Fork’s population. Geneva Rock’s quick action restored the water line to avert a potential crisis for the community. 

Thanks to a strong and mutually beneficial partnership with Blaine Hone Excavating, a valued customer, an instrumental role was played in connecting Spanish Fork City with Geneva Rock’s resources. By wholeheartedly endorsing Geneva Rock’s reliability and expertise, Blaine ensured the community received the vital support it desperately needed. 

Geneva Rock’s involvement in this project exemplifies its dedication to Building a Better Community. As communities face future challenges, they can rest assured that Geneva Rock will be there, ready to lend a helping hand and make a positive impact in times of emergency.