Geneva Rock recently adopted a new core value: “We Continuously Improve.” This has been put into action through significant improvements the company has made in the standardization of its billing process. 

Prior to these changes, the billing process at Geneva Rock was laborious and time-consuming. The billing team had to manually extract data from multiple sources and enter it into spreadsheets for leadership to review. This process was prone to errors, and it often took days to identify and correct any mistakes. 

By recognizing inefficiencies in the existing method, Cecily Allman, Project Coordinator at Geneva Rock, took the initiative to streamline the process. Working closely with the IT department, she developed a query that automated the entire procedure, integrating data from various sources, resulting in the generation of accurate invoices in just a few minutes. 

The impact of this improvement was immediate and profound. The new process reduced the likelihood of errors, resulting in fewer corrections and less wasted time. Cecily was quickly able to free up her time to focus on other important tasks. She estimated she gained back 2.5 weeks each year because of this simple improvement process. 

Geneva Rock’s success in improving its billing process is just one example of the many ways continuous improvement is driving positive change throughout the organization. By consistently evaluating and enhancing processes, Geneva Rock has been able to boost productivity, invest in its people, and create a shared stewardship around change.