Geneva Rock was highlighted in March 2020 Pit & Quarry publication for March 2020.

“Achieving peak efficiency levels is an everyday feat of engineering and teamwork at the Geneva Rock Products Point-of-the-Mountain site near Salt Lake City.

The facility has long been lauded for its commitment to sustainability, energy savings and safety. The commitment is illustrated by a unique energy-generating downhill overland conveyor system that was commissioned more than five years ago.

This much-touted material handling system (which, according to the company, paid for itself in under three years) transfers up to 3,000 tons of material per hour from a mountain of upper-ledge rock to ground-level processing operations – while generating enough electricity to power the entire facility.

Most folks would say Geneva Rock has reached its peak performance, but the company continues to climb higher with ongoing improvements to each circuit and system, as well as to every transfer point, belt, pulley, idler and more.

For Geneva Rock, truly mastering peak efficiency is all in the material handling details.”