The Cascade Springs Road project is nestled in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains, just off the Alpine Loop Scenic Road. The Alpine Loop is a 20-mile stretch of road winding through the forests of American Fork Canyon, Uinta National Forest, and Provo Canyon. Thousands of people drive the magnificent mountain passage every year, peaking in the fall when autumn leaves are changing colors in the forests. 

Geneva Rock’s project involves the stretch of road that connects the Alpine Loop Scenic Road to Cascade Springs. Cascade Springs is a picturesque area with a series of beautiful mountain springs, cascading streams, and waterfalls. The surrounding boardwalks and paved pathways create a nature trail leading to the natural pools of clear water and terraces of fish and aquatic plant life. 

Geneva Rock’s scope of work for the Cascade Springs Road project includes earthwork, sitework, pipelines and drainage, and asphalt paving for a total of 12 miles, from the Alpine Loop turnoff to Cascade Springs area to Heber City, Utah. The work is being completed in two phases. The first phase connects Cascade Springs to Heber City Utah, and the second phase connects Cascade Springs to the Alpine Loop turnoff. 


The first phase of the project includes the improvement and paving of 6.8 miles of Cascade Scenic Drive. This road starts at Cascade Springs and moves east toward the entrance of Wasatch Mountain State Park, approximately 4 miles outside of Heber City, Utah. The previous gravel road was unpaved with windy curves creating blind corners. The new road will be paved, widened with 2 lanes, and straightened out to create a safer road with increased visibility and accessibility from Heber City into Cascade Springs. 


The second phase of the project consists of rehabilitation and paving of 5.3 miles of Cascade Springs Road. Beginning at SR-92, Alpine Scenic Loop Road, the road connects into Cascade Springs. The previous road was a dilapidated paved one-lane road that will be newly paved and safer with two lanes, increasing accessibility to the beautiful Cascade Springs area from the Alpine Loop.  

Geneva Rock will ensure a safe final product with complete roadway reconstruction, stabilization, guardrail, and retaining walls. A major roadway realignment will straighten curves, and drainage installation and enhancements for safety will also be completed.  

At this time, all work has been completed through steep, mountainous terrain and inclement weather. One challenge the team overcame was a late start in 2019 due to a wet, snowy winter. Another challenge was devising a way to clear and strip the large, steep banks prior to placing embankment. Safety was of utmost concern. When we hit bedrock in the roadway, we brought in a blasting contractor to help us clear the way.  

The Cascade Springs Road project is being built in partnership with DSB, a small minority-owned business and Geneva Rock’s small business protégé. Geneva Rock works with DSB in a partnership to help them learn the ropes. The project owner is the Federal Highway Administration. The Geneva Rock management team developed a great relationship with the Federal Highway Administration by working through the submittal process early on with considerable patience and diligence to ensure a collaborative working relationship.  

Geneva Rock’s efficiency and performance on this unique project provided an advantage to win another project, Strawberry Sheep Creek, near Strawberry Reservoir. The Cascade Springs project team will repurpose large boulders from Cascade Springs and relocate them to the Strawberry Sheep Creek project.  

The entire Cascade Springs Road project will be completed this year with new, smooth asphalt paving, just in time for drivers to come enjoy the new asphalt road and beautiful fall.