Geneva Rock Products is more than just engineers, project managers, truck operators and highly skilled professionals. Employees are proud to be builders, mentors, volunteers, laborers, tutors and so much more, as they use their talents and skills to better the world they live in. Whether it’s sponsoring local high school athletic teams, collecting food and clothing for the less fortunate or racing for a cure, they’re committed to improving the places they call home.

With a focus on building a better community, Geneva Rock Products employees have found they can make the biggest impact by giving back through generous in-kind donations and professional services. Since they got their start in 1954, millions of dollars in cash and products have been donated and employees have racked up more than 300,000 volunteer service hours.

In celebration of the company’s 60th year, Geneva Rock Products is excited to introduce its 60 Acts of Service campaign. Throughout the year, employees will be participating in a minimum of 60 projects that support the local community. They’ve already gotten things rolling. Check out five of the 30 services they’ve already provided.

Act #4: In a donation to the Boy Scouts of America, Geneva Rock Products gifted materials and services to improve the lake at Maple Dell Campground. This included delivering boulders to line the lake and sand to form a beach area for the visiting scouts.

Act #11: After the tragic death of Sergeant Corey Wride, Geneva Rock Products partnered with Walker Concrete to support his family by donating 10 yards of concrete to pour a circular driveway for their recently built home.

Act #19: Labor, sand and gravel were donated to Perry City for its Three Mile Creek Range. In addition to smoothing and shaping the property, one equipment operator provided free training to city employees on proper equipment usage and maintenance.

Act #21: Over a three week period, Geneva Rock Products employees visited five elementary schools in the Jordan School District in celebration of Vehicle Days. The students loved learning the ins and outs of concrete mixer trucks.

Act #26: In May, Geneva Rock Products donated a truckload of landscaping rock to the Children’s Center of the Neighborhood House program in Salt Lake City.

Geneva Rock Products will continue to feature acts of service on its blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed throughout the remainder of 2014. Please connect with Geneva Rock Products to keep up with the campaign.

If you would like to recommend a deserving project for the company’s 60 Acts of Service, please tell us on Facebook or visit