Geneva Rock is well known for being a steady partner on a variety of products.

From supplying the best in aggregate materials for professional soccer facilities to taking care of entire roadways, Geneva Rock is a trusted source for organizations of all kinds.

While quality materials and craftsmanship is valued in all projects, the requirements set forth by the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) are as stringent as any. The ACOE traces its beginnings to 1775, when Colonel Richard Gridley was named chief engineer for General George Washington.

Since those earliest days, the ACOE has been dedicated to its mission of providing public engineering services to secure the United States, energize the economy and reduce disaster risks.

“The ACOE requirements are some of the most difficult around but even so the amount of re-work we’ve had to perform has been negligible,” says Cody Preston, area manager with Geneva Rock.

Beginning with Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nevada in 2007, Geneva Rock has become a trusted resource for the Army Corps of Engineers — specifically with stringent requirements of work done at air force bases.

“Our people take pride in the work they do and as a result we are able to meet these stringent requirements without changing our everyday processes or standards,” Preston says. ”This is one of the reasons we have been so successful in working with the ACOE.”

After each completed project, the ACOE gives a numerical value. These numerical values — especially when seen consistently on various projects — usually assists when bidding on other projects overseen by the ACOE.

Since 2014, Geneva Rock has worked — or is currently working on — eight projects with the ACOE. At right, is a breakdown of some of those partnerships and evaluations given by the ACOE concerning the work performed.