2019 CEO of the Year, Jim Golding

CEO of the Year with Geneva Rock employees
When Jim Golding first approached his career, his interests were broad. “My academic interests growing up included sciences and math,” he says. “When I was 16, I narrowed my career choices to geology, dentistry, and engineering. I chose civil engineering.” A graduate of Brigham Young University, Mr. Golding began his career in 1980 after a two-year Latter-day Saint mission to Argentina. In the middle of a recession, employment was hard to come by, and he found himself working in the oil fields of Evanston, Wyoming. Gaining hands-on experience as a design engineer and surveyor for Rocky Mountain Engineering and Surveying, he gained a broad depth of knowledge before being hired at Geneva Rock Products in 1984. Since joining the Geneva Rock team, he has worked as an estimator, project manager, area manager, vice president of construction, president, and now CEO. Under Mr. Golding’s leadership, Geneva Rock Products will continue to see growth and maintain its successful climb. By fostering change and challenging the status quo, he finds new ways to reinvent old processes, making them more streamlined as well as more competitive. He is never satisfied by doing the things the way they have always been done, unless they’ve been proven to be the best way. Mr. Golding has always created an environment where employees feel comfortable and appreciated. And the people he works with are the most enjoyable things about his role. “I enjoy the people. The friendships and partnerships run deep in our company. To value people is what brings success to any organization and enjoyment to the challenges of each day,” he says. From dressing up as Santa Claus at Christmas to thank managers and distribute gifts to carefully considering his employee’s lives and families outside of work, he takes pride in the environment of friendship and camaraderie that he’s created. When asked what his personal business philosophy was, he says: “It may sound corny, but team is everything. Don’t take too much credit for the accomplishments of the team. Everyone is important, and they need to know it.” Working side by side with his employees, Mr. Golding’s strength is his relatability. His friendly, approachable disposition attracts people.