Thank you for being our partners in the construction industry. You build the homes we live in and the buildings we work in. Geneva Rock works to create the roads we drive on every day and the utilities that keep our lights on.  

Together, we are building the infrastructure that improves everyone’s quality of life in Utah. From concrete and asphalt to road base and rock, Geneva Rock’s aggregates serve as the foundation for your projects and our roads. Geneva Rock concrete is used across Utah in the foundations of our homes, bridges for our roads, and the commercial buildings we work and shop in. For one foot of utility line, one ton of aggregates is required in base materials to keep utilities stable.  

That’s a lot of material!

We are committed to providing these materials and supporting the construction industry for years to come. The construction industry is adding jobs to the economy every year in Utah, and we know that building infrastructure is the foundation for our success as a nation. With strong organizations like yours and ours that have the know-how, dedication and innovative mindset, we establish a reputation of excellence for the industry we represent.

However, it’s not a secret that there has been some confusion and contention about the importance about our construction materials. It’s up to us, as the leaders of our industry, to speak up about how Utah’s growth will impact and require more construction projects and construction materials.

At Geneva Rock, we believe in being problem-solvers, and we need you, our partners in the construction industry, to join us in addressing the challenges and opportunities of Utah’s amazing economic growth. We’re counting on you to engage in conversations, share on social media, and start meaningful dialogue about the importance of Geneva Rock’s construction materials and the future of Utah’s construction industry. Together, we will build the future.