Anyone who has spent time near the Point of the Mountain — where Salt Lake County and Utah County meet — has found a place booming with development and quickly becoming one of the world’s leading technology industry hubs.  

In just a few short years, the area has turned from a rural area between two large populations into the economic center of the Intermountain West, dubbed “Silicon Slopes.”  

However, with growth comes challenges. Those same people who spend time living and working in the Bluffdale/Draper/Lehi corridor have also more than likely been frustrated with how long it can take to get from Point A to Point B.  

“There has been a well-documented lack of access across the valley, linking Redwood Road to I-15,” says Mike Bigsby, area manager for WW Clyde.  

Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) developed a plan for a road — Porter Rockwell Boulevard — to be a major east-west artery, alleviating traffic through the area.  

Segment 4 (of 5) of the road cuts partially through land owned by Geneva Rock and used now as a mine for aggregate materials. When the road was started, Geneva worked with UDOT to sell part of its property and then got to work developing an internal partnership with two other Clyde Companies to complete the job.  

“Every once in a while a project comes along that gives us the chance to combine our efforts and bring the client an efficient proposal,” says Shane Albrecht, vice president of Geneva Rock construction. “This was one of those and we are happy to be working together on this.”  

The other parts of the “together” are WW Clyde and GWC Capital. WW Clyde focuses on large-scale, heavy civil construction. GWC Capital is the land development arm of Clyde Companies and has worked with the other two companies on the long-term plans for the land owned by Geneva Rock.  

WW Clyde’s access to large machinery made it perfect for moving the necessary dirt while Geneva Rock would be the general contractor for the project.  

“Roads are not usually built on an area that is perfectly even, so you usually either have to bring dirt in or take dirt out,” Mike says. “We excavate really well and that skill set fit this project perfectly.”  

But this partnership was about more than the relatively straight-forward work of build-ing a road. It also involved a long-term approach to land use.  

That’s where GWC Capital comes in.  

Jared Morgan, project manager for GWC Capital, has been working with Bluffdale city from the beginning of discussions and oversees the 50-year development plan for the area, with a focus on responsible use for the Geneva-owned property.  

Geneva owns approximately 1,000 acres at Point of the Mountain. Porter Rockwell Boulevard is located in the north-west corner of the property. In fact, it cuts off 33 acres from the rest of the project. That 33 acres will be among the first developed by Geneva Rock for commercial development.  

“We are working with the city of Bluffdale to assess the city’s needs and find a solution for what is best for that land,” Jared says.  

It’s the first step in the company’s planned partnership to develop the area into a residential, commercial and industrial mixed-use area located in the economic center of the state.  

“We have a vision where the land is mined to help build homes and roads throughout the state, then reclaimed and used for residential and commercial development,” Jared says.  

It’s a pattern the state is following with the closing of the prison in Bluffdale and redevelopment of the area.  

“The road is being built so the area will be ready for the prison redevelopment,” Shane says.