Geneva Rock’s Point of the Mountain facility plays a vital role in the affordability and availability of critical infrastructure materials. These materials enable the construction of roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, homes and more. Since its opening in 1974, the Point of the Mountain gravel pit has operated as an economic catalyst for Utah construction, providing the materials for iconic projects such as Salt Lake City Airport, Delta Center, Real Salt Lake Soccer Stadium and City Creek Mall.

Geneva Rock is prioritizing responsible and holistic steward-ship of our land in our mining process, now and in the future. Our approach will be to mine the aggregates available to ac-commodate the immense growth coming to the Wasatch Front. After mining concludes, land reclamation will restore the land to complement the surrounding areas and help meet the needs of Utah’s rapid growth.

Over the next several decades, Geneva’s vision is to create a vibrant, multi-use development where individuals, families, em-ployers, employees and visitors enjoy an elevated quality of life. Over the last 18 months, Geneva Rock has developed the Point of the Mountain Master Plan — with input from three munici-palities and two counties — to chart a course for a sustainable, diverse and economically sound development that will keep Utah growing affordably and responsibly.

Geneva Rock is partnering with GWC Capital to begin developing periphery areas of the property with the creation of Point Crossing at the Point of the Mountain.

Geneva Rock believes that strategic and phased mining, with a long-term vision of land development, is the most responsible approach to the property at the Point of the Mountain. Learn more at